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What is Round-Ups Multiplier?
What is Round-Ups Multiplier?
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Your Starship Round-Ups Multiplier is an easy way for you to increase the amount of money you save in your Health Savings Account with your spare change from every day purchases. When you enable the "Multiplier" your Round-ups will be multiplied by the amount you selected (x1, x2, x5, x10) automagically πŸͺ„

For example: If you were to make a purchase for $2.50, this transaction would normally be a $0.50 round-up to $3.00, but with a multiplier set to x2, you would instead see a $1.00 round-up added into your HSA balance. 😎 πŸ’΅

Please note: that if you do not maintain enough funds in your funding source bank account sufficient to cover your Round-Up savings, you could incur overdraft fees with your financial institution.

For more info on Round-Ups click below.

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