When you make a purchase with your linked debit card, Starship will automatically save your spare change into your health savings account through our Round-ups feature.

Round-Ups amounts from the purchases made with your linked cards are set aside until they hit a $5 threshold and are then transferred into your Starship Spending account. This money is always transferred from the bank account you’ve indicated as your primary checking account funding source. Remember, all Starship contributions are transferred from your one, primary checking account — even Round-Ups.

As an example, if you buy groceries for $25.45 with your linked debit card, we’ll automatically round up the spare $0.55. When your Round-Up collect amounts across your linked accounts reach at least $5, we’ll transfer that amount from your primary checking account funding source only. You also have the option to turn off the automatic Round-Ups feature. Click here to learn how to adjust your Round-Ups settings!

Please note that if you do not maintain enough funds in your funding source bank account sufficient to cover your Round-Up savings, you could incur overdraft fees with your financial institution.

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