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Can I pay for rides to medical appointments?
Can I pay for rides to medical appointments?

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Updated over a week ago

Great news! ☺️ Yes, travel or transportation for medical care is eligible for reimbursement with a health savings account (HSA)!

For your travel to be considered an eligible expense, it must be directly related to receiving medical care. If you drive an hour to visit a specialist, the associated travel expenses would be eligible.

You can also request reimbursement for travel expenses when seeking medical care for a dependent. If a child or spouse needs you to take them to an appointment or accompany them on public transportation, you can submit a claim for these costs as well.

A few examples of covered costs:

  1. Bus, train, subway

  2. Parking fees

  3. Tolls

  4. Ambulance fees

  5. Rental car

  6. Fuel

As with any eligible expense, you'll need documentation for reimbursement. With travel expenses, you'll likely need more than just your receipts to provide proof that the travel was medically necessary (e.g., a bill or doctor's letter proving that you did receive medical care while on the trip). Save those receipts!!

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