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How do I pay for an appointment with my HSA?
How do I pay for an appointment with my HSA?

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Updated over a week ago

Option 1: Pull out your Starship HSA debit card, swipe, and get to healin’.

Option 2: Keep a receipt from your appointment, open your Starship app, click the big plus sign at the bottom of your screen, and follow the prompts to arrange for a quick and easy reimbursement.

Note: If you accidentally use your HSA for something that turns out to be a non-medical expense, you’ll have to pay income taxes and an additional 20% penalty on whatever amount you spent from your account, so be careful!

To avoid being penalized for alternative treatments, we recommend that you fully review the IRS list of approved HSA expenses, keep your receipts, and records of documented medical necessity from your doctor.

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