My Insurance Coverage Has Changed, Now What?

HDHP; Laid off; New Job

Updated over a week ago

This article is addressing customers who do not have Medicaid, Medicare, or VA as their primary insurance.

Has your insurance changed and is no longer an HDHP Insurance Plan? Wondering what to do with your Starship HSA now?

You've been contributing to your Starship HSA this whole time you've had a qualifying HDHP plan. Now, things changed and you signed up for an insurance plan that is not HSA eligible. Or perhaps you've changed jobs and your employer does not offer an HDHP policy. What do you do now?

The only thing that has changed with your account is the rules surrounding whether or not you can contribute to your account and enjoy the tax break of doing so. You will want to turn off your Monthly Recurring Contributions and stop providing one-time contributions to your account.

What about your balance you have right now? This balance is money available to you in your Spending or Investing accounts and is yours to use for the duration of your balance with us. You may continue paying yourself back (reimbursing) or using your Starship card for HSA eligible purchases. You may also invest your funds.

Once your HDHP policy expires, the only thing that changes are the rules around contributions. That's it!

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