Due to the major tax benefits of an HSA, you can contribute only a limited amount to your account each year.

For 2022, the combined maximum contributions to your HSA, including any made by your employer to your account, are $3,650 if you have individual coverage and $7,300 if you have family coverage. If you turn age 55 or older in 2022, you may add up to $1,000 more as a “catch up” contribution.

Starship automatically allows the $1,000 catch up contribution for account holders who’s age is 55 years and older.

These amounts are valid as long as you enroll in qualified HDHP coverage before the first day of December, meaning you have held at least one full month of HDHP coverage, and so long as you continue to maintain qualified HDHP coverage for the next 12 months. Otherwise, you may be eligible to contribute a prorated amount to your HSA account.

UPDATE: The IRS determines these maximum contribution limits annually so current year values can be found online.

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