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What do I need to know about HSA fees?
What do I need to know about HSA fees?


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Fees can add up and cut into your earnings. Some fees common among health savings accounts (HSAs) are the following: a charge to open or close an account, to transfer funds, or to obtain a debit card. But we don’t have any of those.

At Starship, we’re ‘no minimum balance, no monthly fees, and no extra card fee’ type people. So if you’re looking to invest your HSA funds, make sure you check out the fees pertaining to investing in particular. That said, it’s wishful thinking to see an investment fund with no fees, but here’s the good news: finding lower fees is very possible.

There are upfront charges, such as monthly account fees, trading fees, and investment fees. And always be aware of hidden fees like account-inactivity fees and closing fees. But again, we’re happy to report that Starship is an exception. No hidden fees (ever).

Providers generally charge an automatic investing fee, which can be as much as $4 a month or more. Starship has a very transparent fee structure that makes sense: we charge a small fee, paying 0.35% on the funds in a Starship Investing Account.

Be aware of trading fees. They can add up. At Starship, investors love our ETFs (exchange-traded funds) due to their low cost, trade flexibility, and excellent performance track record. With us, you pay the small fee that’s built into the low-fee ETFs we purchase for you (about 0.2%).

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