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How will my benefits card work at an IIAS retailer?
How will my benefits card work at an IIAS retailer?

IIAS retailer

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You may be allowed to purchase only healthcare items from certain retailers when you use your card. You may be asked by the retailer at the time of purchase to provide another form of payment to buy the remaining items that have been identified as non-healthcare items by the retailer. If a retailer such as a Costco, discount store or on-line merchant does not have an IIAS in place, your transaction may be denied. The IRS does not require locations such as doctor’s offices, labs, hospitals and pharmacies to have an IIAS to be in place and you can continue to use your benefits card at these locations, as allowed by your plan.

1.I did not receive a Customer Statement. If your statement is mailed to you, please contact us and we can assist you in finding this statement. If you elected to receive your statements electronically, hover over My HSA and click HSA Statements.

2.I was unable to access the Balances or Transaction History screens. To view balances on your account, click the My HSA tab. You can view current year and prior year HSA information. You can then click HSA Transaction Activity to view detailed information on the transactions that have affected.

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