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Is Concierge Care HSA Eligible?

Medical Concierge; Personalized Medical Service; Subscription Medical Care

Updated over a week ago

Medical Concierge Care, sometimes called Personalized Medical Services, are essentially a subscription-based medical service where you pay a monthly membership fee to have access to a doctor or a team of doctors. Most members of these clinics retain their health insurance for prescriptions and hospital based services. Though the concierge care fee does not count toward most health insurance plan's deductibles, many utilize this service to avoid having to pay co-pays or co-insurance for simple primary care visits.

Medical concierge care does not replace health insurance. It provides access to a doctor or a clinic for services you normally would have to pay for if your deductible has not been met on your traditional health insurance plan. You still need to carry a qualified HDHP Insurance Plan to be able to add money to your HSA.

Medical concierge membership fees are not HSA eligible, so you would not want to use your Starship card to pay for them as you may be responsible for penalties and taxes when tax season rolls around. Any prescriptions or additional medical services that are not included in your concierge plan (that you are billed for in addition to your monthly membership fee) may be HSA eligible. Refer to this handy list to see what is and isn't covered.

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