How to locate and print disclosures:

From our website:

All disclosures may be found on web at and scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page. Tap on the link "Terms and Conditions." On this page all forms can be located:

  1. Terms of Use

  2. Privacy Policy

  3. Fee Schedule

  4. Transfer Terms

  5. nbkc E-Sign Consent

  6. Spending Agreements

  7. Investing Agreements

  8. Offers Terms

  9. Email, Print, and Download T&C's

Email, Print, Download T&Cs

How to Email T&Cs

You can simply copy the url in the browser bar and paste it into your email application, or follow the browser instructions below.

  • Safari: File > Share > Email This Page

  • Chrome: File > Share > Email Link

  • Firefox: File > Email Link

How to Print T&Cs

For nearly all browsers you simply select File > Print.

  • Safari: File > Print

  • Chrome: File > Print

  • Firefox: File > Print

How to Download T&Cs

Nearly all browsers allow you to export and save a PDF.

  • Safari: File > Export PDF

  • Chrome: File > Print > Save as PDF

  • Firefox: File > Print > Save as PDF

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