Auto-investing helps you put your investment account on auto-pilot. Every starship account is a combination of two โ€“ one for spending, one for investing. Every time your spending account exceeds the current "Overflow" or automatic threshold, excess funds fall into the investing account and are automatically invested into your personalized portfolio of index funds and ETFs. Money transfers into your investing account happen at the end of every day, when your savings account balance exceeds the overflow threshold.

This is one way Starship makes investing easy for anyone, regardless of what you know or how much you make.

A few things you should know:

  1. The automatic investing threshold that you set determines how much of your spending balance is moved to investing. If you set auto invest to $0 and you have a $5000 balance in your spending account then $5000 worth of stocks will be purchased.

  2. You may change this auto-invest amount any time you'd like to from the app by tapping "+" in the bottom center of your menu bar > Tap Invest > Tap Automatic > Slide the slider to the value or tap "Turn off auto-invest"

  3. There is a minimum of $5 to invest.

Making investing easy and accessible for everyone is part of our mission. If you're curious about how our Robo-advisor works read our newest blog post:

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